Ep3: Overcoming in a Male Dominated Industry

BIO: Ms. Shene’ Commodore, CPCM, Fellow is President & Founder of Commodore Consulting. Ms. Commodore has over 25 years of procurement experience. Commodore Consulting provides contract management, strategic planning, proposal writing, GSA services, & training. She also works with government agencies to provide program management, acquisition support, and IT services.   Ms. Commodore enjoys teaching classes […]

EP2: Overcoming Loss to embrace God’s possibility for your life

BIO: On paper, Ingra Green is an accomplished trainer, manager and administrator with over 25 years of experience in healthcare administration, software/tech industry, and Christian non-profit industry. More than her professional accomplishments, Ingra is committed to her life in Christ so much so that she considers herself a faith walker”. “Leave your native country, your […]

Ep1: Overcoming mountains to make moves

BIO: Cherie Banks, M.A., J.D., Hon. D. Div. is the mastermind behind the moniker, CEO Influencer™. Her visionary leadership contributed to generating the first billion dollars for an international Fortune 500 company with consistent successive results. She is an award-winning global leader, international speaker, business investor, and enterprise entrepreneur. Cherie is a highly-sought after industry […]

The Kings That Rule Our Lives

Every day, we make decisions.  This week I have had to make several regarding my time, people, and even what I should eat.  I do not think we pay attention to what we are saying yes to.  Moment by moment, we are deciding what we will do and how we will do it.  When my […]

2020/ Vision

As cases begin to soar in the US during this pandemic, we are all bombarded with images and words that cause fear and trepidation for many of us. I do believe that in spite of what we are witnessing, we must recognize God’s handiwork. I just finished reading the book, The Shack, and I was […]

Are You Hiding

There seems to be a leadership vacuum in our world.  Those who are in leadership seem to be more concerned with getting re-elected than they are with the needs of those they have been elected to serve.  This also goes beyond politicians.  We are waiting for others to step up and do the work and […]