Ep3: Overcoming in a Male Dominated Industry

BIO: Ms. Shene’ Commodore, CPCM, Fellow is President & Founder of Commodore Consulting. Ms. Commodore has over 25 years of procurement experience. Commodore Consulting provides contract management, strategic planning, proposal writing, GSA services, & training. She also works with government agencies to provide program management, acquisition support, and IT services.


Ms. Commodore enjoys teaching classes on government buying proposal writing, contracts, SB programs, & leadership development. She has taught over 3,000 government and contractor staff.

In October 2013, Ms. Commodore was recognized by Minority Enterprise Advocate Magazine as one of the 25 Influential Women In Business for her dedication to helping clients win government contracts. She is also the grateful 2014 recipient of the Security Industry Association’s Government Policy award for her contribution & leadership to help SIA address the public policy challenges impacting the physical security industry.


EP2: Overcoming Loss to embrace God’s possibility for your life

BIO: On paper, Ingra Green is an accomplished trainer, manager and administrator with over 25 years of experience in healthcare administration, software/tech industry, and Christian non-profit industry. More than her professional accomplishments, Ingra is committed to her life in Christ so much so that she considers herself a faith walker”. “Leave your native country, your relatives and your father’s family, and go to the land I will show you”. These were the words God spoke to Abraham in Genesis and He spoke almost identical words to her.

She garnered divine courage twice in the past twenty years to walk away first from a top ranked Fortune 500 software company where she developed and led teams across the country, then a global Christian humanitarian organization. Both moves were to follow God’s leading – most recently to Colorado, a land that God showed her. This particular solo move earned Ingra the nickname “Abraham Jr.”

Ingra is fascinated with discovering God in everyday life which skyrocketed after her husband passed away in 2017. As she explores this facet of existence and purpose, her intention is to increase expectation and equip Christians with the understanding that “God wants to do life with you”, not just church.

Presently, Ingra utilizes her podcast, The Skinny Girl Speaks, which currently has an audience in 20 countries, her blog (theskinnygirlspeaks.com), and social media as platforms to share her life’s experiential learnings to motivate and enrich the lives of others.


Ep1: Overcoming mountains to make moves

BIO: Cherie Banks, M.A., J.D., Hon. D. Div. is the mastermind behind the moniker, CEO Influencer™. Her visionary leadership contributed to generating the first billion dollars for an international Fortune 500 company with consistent successive results. She is an award-winning global leader, international speaker, business investor, and enterprise entrepreneur. Cherie is a highly-sought after industry expert for her business mastery, legal expertise, strategic planning, integrity leadership, global alliance, market penetration, growth expansion, media and public relations, crisis intervention, risk assessment, conflict resolution, and executive management.

Cherie is the Founder & CEO to many successful companies with a multi-million dollar brand, including non-profit organizations dedicated to providing educational resources, best practices, and ethics training for building business, wealth, and legacy. She is an honored recipient of prestigious awards in business, law, education, and community.

This year, Cherie was bestowed with an Exceptional Women of Excellence Award by the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) in Cairo, Egypt for her devoted work in advancing economic prosperity for women and their families across cultures and beyond borders. This was highlighted in Forbes – Middle East (April 2020).

Cherie is also a published author and has been featured on multiple platforms, online forums, and media outlets in broadcast, print, and digital publications throughout the world.


The Kings That Rule Our Lives

Every day, we make decisions.  This week I have had to make several regarding my time, people, and even what I should eat.  I do not think we pay attention to what we are saying yes to.  Moment by moment, we are deciding what we will do and how we will do it.  When my daughter was a little girl, I remember telling her when we were going into a store that she needed to get her mind ‘right’ before we entered.  That was a cue to her to know that I was not going to buy her any and everything she saw.  I wanted her to decide in her thinking so that she would not act up or embarrass us.  I noticed that when I gave her that preface to our activity, her behavior changed, and we never had any problems.  Yet, the times that she was not giving boundaries and a warning, the decision was different.  Her father did not enact this when they would go shopping and each time, she would beg, and he would comply with her wishes.  I remember telling him that her requests over time would become more demanding and require more money if he kept it up.  I would joke that she might end up as a teen driving a better car and having her own home at 16 at the rate he was going!  I must say he stopped shortly before it turned into outrageous requests but I am reminded that God has given us boundaries daily and yet, because of free will, we make decisions every second that have an impact on our lives.  Our decisions can impact us far beyond our lifetimes.  We make choices and these choices either glorify our wants or what God wants for our lives.  

In 1 Samuel 8, the people of Israel were led by the prophet Samuel who gave instructions to them from God.  Samuel’s commitment to God was not necessarily instilled in his sons who had become judges over the people. His sons were corrupt.  For many of us as Christians, it is so easy to spend a lot of time doing good work that benefits others, but our households may suffer because of a lack of attention we have given to it. The people were frustrated with Samuel’s sons and asked for a King to rule over them. Samuel prayed and God told him that He would give them a King who would enslave them, take away their rights and children and even when they wanted relief, God would not answer.

This scenario isn’t too far removed from our current context.  In our world, we have noticeable examples of choices that have not included God.  We have selected leaders, spouses, jobs, material goods, etc. that did not line up with God’s Word or Will for our lives and as a result, there are consequences that we must suffer not because God is bad.  It is because of our decisions that were based on a short-term need and not rooted in thinking about long-term consequences.   What is most alarming about this passage is that the decision to exclude God involves the loss in our personal and professional lives.  The exclusion of God not only creates direct suffering for us but for our children and what we have valued. What appears as a win ultimately creates significant loss beyond what we can imagine.  Years ago, I traveled to India and I was appalled by the level of poverty I witnessed.  I remember asking our guide how God could allow this to happen and at that time, my faith was shaken by what I saw.  She calmly said to me, “God didn’t do this.  This is a result of the decisions of man.” 

What we are witnessing today isn’t due to a lack of a God who doesn’t not care or love us.  It is based on decisions, sometimes not even our own but others who are careless and thinking only about how it impacts them and not the collective. Decisions that have been made when we select rulers or things to rule us that become our gods have even eternal implications.  When we place our confidence in things that are created instead of in the ultimate Creator, we have made a decision.  And each time we do that, we find ourselves taken to war in our minds, spirits, bodies, communities, and world.  We need to be more mindful in the choices we make and what becomes our god.  Otherwise, we might find ourselves seeking relief from the choice.

What’s ruling you?

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